This is a 3d printed fan shroud that I designed and 3d printed myself. It is made from durable ABS plastic, and allows you to connect a 125mm flexible duct to your miner's exhaust, allowing you to vent the hot air directly outside (or in winter, into your air conditioning ducts).

The mount features a negative taper, such that pulling on the duct increases the clamping force.

You will need 4 50mm M4 machine screws, and a 125mm diameter screw clamp to fasten the ducting on.

Colour will depend on available material, but will normally be either grey or black.

Price is AUD $18 each, plus $9 postage for any quantity (within Australia only). You can buy them from me on Ebay.

120mm fan shroud
120mm fan shroud mounted on an Antminer