Our 1.5kW Solar System from Beyond Building Energy was installed yesterday!

1.5kW Solar System 1.5kW Solar System

We ended up with 9 175W monocrystalline panels (SunnyRoo - BBE's own brand) mounted on our ridgeline, so we have space for an additional 1.5kW for future expansion.

The system cost us $2995 out of pocket, with the rest of the price being recovered by signing over the RECs to BBE who will then sell them on the open market (or may have already written/purchased options to sell them).

To calculate the RECS for a system, look at the REC calculation tab of http://www.orer.gov.au/SGU/index.html. We are in Zone 3, so our zone rating is 1.382. This makes our REC entitlement per annum 2.073. Since we have a 5x multiplier for the Solar Credits scheme, our REC entitlement becomes 10.365. Since we are generating less than 250RECs/year, we can choose our deeming period, so we chose 15 years. This means we get 155 RECs for our system.

The 155 RECs are worth $6,219 at a market price of $40. The BBE discount is around $8000, so it is worthwhile signing over the RECs to them. If you want to be really green, you could then buy back RECs on the open market at a lower price.