With the growing amount of microcontroller work I do, I need a quick, easy way to prototype my projects. With this in mind, I came up with the following 40 pin module, which provides +3.3V & +5V regulated power, as well as 10 pushbuttons and 20 LEDs.

Power can be sourced either from a DC power supply (>7V), or from an ATX connector (note that components for both should not be installed simultaneously on the board - I don't think many ATX PSUs will take to having their low voltage outputs connected to their +12V output!).


Breadboard Helper 1.0

Update: 13 November 09, Version 1.1

The 3.3V regulator was connected directly to the +12V input, but it has a maximum input voltage of +7V, so I've now chained it off the 5V regulator.

Update: 17 November 09, Version 1.2

Given the success of the ATX power supply and the price and availability, I've dropped the standalone voltage regulators & DC input jacks. I've also moved the ATX connector to the rear of the board so the cables don't obscure the buttons & LEDs. I've also added labels to all the breadboard pins.

Breadboard Helper 1.2

There are 4 pins free - does anyone have any uses they can be put to?