HTC Touch Pro Laser Engraved

I laser engraved my HTC Touch Pro with a Darwin Fish




I see you've got this laser engraver, and if i understood, you are working with moshidraw??

I've got a  request... My uncle bought one to, but the trouble is, the usb-stick doesn't work... so he can't install the software...

Now i've tried everything to find this software on internet, bud the only sollution is to buy it... no can do, thats just not fair...

So i'm just asking, if you could send me the install file for ''MoshiDraw V6.91''...?

well, i don't know if there is a sort of cdkey or activation key, but if there is, i'm not asking for that... just the setup for moshidraw.. :)

I'll be waiting for your response, and if this 'transaction' is possible, i will send you my email.

Thanks in advance!



Sorry, I'm not using Moshidraw - I've rebuilt the machine and I'm controllng it with Linux EMC. has a downloadable copy of Moshidraw - the link is on my laser engraver page.

wow, thanks for the very quick reply!

found the link, and downloading now. :):):)

Thank you for helping Alastair!!!