I managed to get some spare time today (well, tonight), so I got down and dirty to replace the motherboard in my Friendly Robotics RL-1000 automated lawnmower.

 Normally, this is a job for the service agents, but after speaking to them, and cringing at the thought of getting this behemoth back to them, I asked them to just send me the board, and I'll service it myself.

 So, now my lawnmower is working again, which is cool, because its fully automated. At preset times, it clambers out of its dock, mows the lawn, and returns  when the battery runs low. It gets pretty decent coverage - I haven't had to go back and mow any missed areas by hand - although it will take a few passes for it to look decent. Of course, this is no problem if you are mowing the lawn every few days, and why wouldn't you when it takes no effort? :)