1 day 22 hours ago — If you like that, the ones on your hands are palindromic
1 week 1 day ago — Why are you ignoring the Australian Consumer Law for your Paypal Here devices? I've contacted your escal… https://t.co/l6ZtxF3gzD
1 week 6 days ago — t took a bit of effort (including recompiling LibCSG from source with local CPU optimisations), but I finally got… https://t.co/ZbAOWkASYm
1 month 6 days ago — I'll just wait there, we'll see who rusts first
1 month 6 days ago — RT : This sign was put up, after not one but _TWO_ people applied steel cable tamper evident seals to their wrists witho… https://t.co/joxfMfeCsW
1 month 2 weeks ago — It looks like you're pretty much out of the hardware space now, and won't be delivering the kickstarter k… https://t.co/z9pjFzCcsG
1 month 2 weeks ago — The SSL cert on your website has expired
1 month 2 weeks ago — Yes, but don't go in expecting the same story as the novel, the diverge significantly so that those who… https://t.co/VTAIPlNv0G
1 month 3 weeks ago — Ssh, if the developers see that you're becoming self aware, they'll reprogram you
1 month 4 weeks ago — Not really, as a motorcyclist, it's pretty clear that if someone had poor reaction times, or a history o… https://t.co/Qf6rxROOHe