2 weeks 1 day ago — Consider the Beagebone black and offload the step generation to it's PRUs
2 weeks 2 days ago — Asking this of John Deere would be asking for a DRM Laden hunk of metal with mandatory annual paid software updates
2 weeks 3 days ago — Also, keep all your interrupts on cpu0, and userland on other cores
2 weeks 3 days ago — Call for papers is open, what would you like to see as an interactive hardware tutorial?
2 weeks 3 days ago — RT : Sphericons are unique solids that roll in such a way that every point on their surface comes in contact with the pl… https://t.co/T9YiN2V2SY
2 weeks 3 days ago — The sad part is that replacements can be had for $14, leading to decline in repair culture
2 weeks 5 days ago — RT : Footage of this morning's launch Credit: Candice H. https://t.co/lmCezDkn5m
2 weeks 6 days ago — Try
1 month 3 weeks ago — Just print a larger drag chain...
2 months 5 min ago — If you like that, the ones on your hands are palindromic