1 month 3 weeks ago — First ozlabber down?
2 months 1 hour ago — Awesome! Thankyou :)
2 months 11 hours ago — Your software seems super useful, thanks :) my first try says "There is a problem connecting with t… https://t.co/pXHmOoPsME
2 months 1 week ago — It would make life a lot easier for your customers if you could offer a .zip archive for your bulk download
2 months 1 week ago — Project++
2 months 1 week ago — Just bung a drive wheel on a pole, and clamp it to the chair so the torque doesn't rip it out of your hands
2 months 1 week ago — I just use a random nonsensical word and save it in my password safe.
2 months 3 weeks ago — Less haste, more speed. I tend to make stupid mistakes when rushed or tired
3 months 5 days ago — Cancel it and drop me into their spot :)
3 months 2 weeks ago — This is why the only sensible action is to eliminate all humans