2 weeks 21 hours ago — Use a basic ADSL modem in bridge mode, then use an OpenWRT capable router. Alternatively, grab a used T… https://t.co/tJPI7hzyfn
2 weeks 6 days ago — So I got around to creating a mining group: https://t.co/xTXj08MwgI
1 month 2 days ago — Still interested in Thingiverse CC violations on ? https://t.co/WDaaL9lAWO appears to be in violatio… https://t.co/AJZk3eTADZ
1 month 1 week ago — RT : I was asked to speak at an event on “what it’s like to be a woman in science”. In the spirit of transparency, I tel… https://t.co/fbMZa81SkZ
1 month 2 weeks ago — Released a new antminer shroud design allowing for 150mm/6" ducts for longer runs. https://t.co/17Cehkfc4t
1 month 2 weeks ago — My MQTT workshop and Logic Analyser workshop were both reasonably successful, and the feedback re… https://t.co/As8xrME6MK
1 month 2 weeks ago — RT : Please RT: Outreachy is looking for a Linux kernel dev to serve as a volunteer coordinator for Outreachy internship… https://t.co/A60qCD2Vzy
1 month 3 weeks ago — Hey Benno, no cryptokitties?
1 month 3 weeks ago — PM sent with payment details, the instructions are here: https://t.co/yeD6f2bokj
1 month 3 weeks ago — I have a kit I can send back with Jon if you like