6 days 2 hours ago — Ask the Arduino folks 🤣
6 days 2 hours ago — Wow, big project, best of luck with it!
3 weeks 4 days ago — Can you please confirm that your cards are covered for warranty if the thermal pads are replaced? If so,… https://t.co/SSxCM4LgyU
1 month 1 day ago — I have 3 RT3200-UK which came only with UK/EU adapters for the power supply (I'm in Australia). Do you… https://t.co/PrJAxtxqa3
1 month 1 week ago — For a group that seems so preoccupied with what is between people's legs, and what they do with it,… https://t.co/ZAnrQjQJQU
3 months 3 days ago — Time to move onto STM32, also cheap Chinese clones available (GD32)
3 months 3 weeks ago — Bsides had multiple streams in previous years, I think they were hamstring this year due to Covid.
5 months 1 week ago — Yeah, fired up Twitter recently for the first in a couple of years
5 months 1 week ago — Nuception
5 months 3 weeks ago — Try some black 2.0 or Musou black paint