22 hours 11 min ago — Shut up, Wesley!
22 hours 13 min ago — Ugh, don't know anyone with a laser cutter?
6 days 13 hours ago — No worries, thanks for your towardsdatascience article, it's very helpful :)
6 days 13 hours ago — If the top one is angled down a bit, that leaves a nice gap in the middle to shoot a webcam & lighting through
6 days 13 hours ago — Ah, good to hear... If my RTX3090 can't drive a pair of them, nothing will!
6 days 13 hours ago — Im keen to build a <foo>sorter, but initially want to work with Lego. Would you be willing to share you… https://t.co/MhKChswn2O
6 days 16 hours ago — Ruth managed to crack her monitor panel, so I'm looking to upgrade. Would it be ridiculous to try and stac… https://t.co/XtXniYclfD
1 week 2 days ago — I started testing my pool controller today - I think these "precision" op-amps I bought to read the PH sensors from… https://t.co/jBNU5rFAHF
3 weeks 5 days ago — Software support is a big decider when I but things these days. Just because I can write something, it… https://t.co/GgDmlFm6fq
1 month 3 weeks ago — Ask the Arduino folks 🤣