1 week 6 days ago — How about https://t.co/9esY0m0cZE ?
1 week 6 days ago — Take a photo and post it to social media
2 weeks 9 hours ago — There's plenty of valid criticisms out there for many languages. We should criticise the languages, that… https://t.co/dP8vYqtTil
2 weeks 9 hours ago — But what about VB6?
2 weeks 9 hours ago — Rainbow clown wig FTW
2 weeks 11 hours ago — USB->TTL adapters, logic analysers, and test probes have arrived. Still waiting on the microcontroller dev boards a… https://t.co/TUHab2jvQt
2 weeks 4 days ago — More logic analyser workshop bits arrived today, this time a bunch of waterproof DS18B20 temperature senso… https://t.co/opPKJzCzwP
3 weeks 13 hours ago — That was fast, breadboard kits for my logic analyser workshop have arrived from China in only 1.5 weeks! https://t.co/7iwhXzwYRN
3 weeks 4 days ago — Will probably be booked through LCA this time, I'll make an announcement once we have decided how to hand… https://t.co/brRj5P51kD
3 weeks 4 days ago — Vaya (mobile provider) just announced "From 14 December 2017, our payment dishonour and late payment fee… https://t.co/8WWmNeBN9g