3 months 1 week ago — Can pay on the day, or bank deposit in advance. I haven't tallied up the cost yet as I'm still working on… https://t.co/kqvhzB03Ox
3 months 2 weeks ago — I'm also not white, but I'm holding off on booking to support diversity in tech
3 months 2 weeks ago — Hmm, testing will be a pain regardless, since we should check it with external devices. Michael Still is w… https://t.co/cRDX2fpCMj
3 months 2 weeks ago — Are you in Canberra? I could get HW to you
3 months 2 weeks ago — If you're offering, yes please! I still have so much to prepare
3 months 4 weeks ago — Thanks, that's what I was looking for. It wasn't obvious on the .AU site how to speak to a real person.
3 months 4 weeks ago — No final delivery date, but it says "Expected by Dec 10"
3 months 4 weeks ago — No, it smells like a scam, their feedback suggests no response from the seller.
3 months 4 weeks ago — Problem with order 503-4562045-2792638, goods never arrived, no tracking, no useful support links… https://t.co/2c7GShYVnV
4 months 13 hours ago — No soldering in the workshop, just a few pins to do at home if you want to use the 433MHz radios