7 months 3 weeks ago — I'm using a threadripper 1950x and it uses 3/32 cores (HT) to decode 5 1080P streams
7 months 3 weeks ago — Motioneye FTW. Runs nicely in a docker container on my fileserver.
8 months 4 days ago — really needs an Australian localisation. Can we please get Trunk/Frunk renamed to Boot/Froot?
1 year 3 weeks ago — https://t.co/KjIq5VS1b8
1 year 3 weeks ago — A couple of weeks ago, one of your students threw an icecream at our car, drove dangerously through… https://t.co/iDEUqLM3DA
1 year 2 months ago — RT : Here's the POWER8 Linux entrant in the "render a video using CPU utilisation only" contest. Parsing /… https://t.co/L5wYyxUb78
1 year 3 months ago — Patches for Gen 3 are welcome :) will need new input and output modules that reflect the updated register map
1 year 4 months ago — I've just got my invite, is there any chance I can get a few days of historic prices for ACT (both… https://t.co/CkBsVswtJk
1 year 5 months ago — What is your position on the 2020 Kanga Cup given the recommendations against travel?
1 year 5 months ago — I keep kerbing the rims on my MX. Could we please show live feeds from all cameras (even if it's l… https://t.co/7VlmsGXvjQ