1 month 2 weeks ago — Just wait until you hear a French person count from 50 to 70...
1 month 2 weeks ago — Prototypes for my home automation workshop. The right board is an orange pi prime, with a custom daughterb… https://t.co/mvAdYFzkkX
1 month 3 weeks ago — Any chance you can start merging some of the PRs on GerberTools? There is some effort coming in from th… https://t.co/bB8mA5i3bL
2 months 1 week ago — RT : The cast of STNG before Trek ✨✨✨✨ https://t.co/lsVyflzK95
2 months 2 weeks ago — Looks like no pull requests have been merged on GerberTools, would you like some help reviewing/merging/closing them?
2 months 3 weeks ago — So, IBM Ozlabs is hiring. If you're interested in Linux Kernel development, and are in Canberra (or happy to relocate), hit me up.
4 months 3 days ago — No probs, I'll work my own design then, thanks :)
4 months 4 days ago — Ok, thanks, My spindle body is 100mm diameter, and my hose is 100mm nominal, so 96mm-100mm outer diameter for the c… https://t.co/zkFTBEg6v4
4 months 4 days ago — Thanks for sharing your design, any chanc… https://t.co/eq5UYeWoFq
4 months 1 week ago — Sure, here you go: https://t.co/qD0IhYMx6c (sorry for the delay, I didn't see the notification).