6 months 3 weeks ago — way to spam the public Zed, "delivering for our community" indeed https://t.co/odMVDthCTs
6 months 3 weeks ago — I'm not expecting my pipeline patches will be accepted, may be a conflict of interest with enterprise ver. https://t.co/fKfoF3gZAb
6 months 3 weeks ago — I spent a bit more time polishing the PR.I might spend a bit more time today to add in support for a Jenkinsfile in an external SCM
6 months 3 weeks ago — Spent the day patching the Multibranch Pipeline plugin to allow external scripts, now to play with 's Blue Ocean plugin
6 months 4 weeks ago — RT : Standing ovations for the team. https://t.co/depUKpZRwq
7 months 51 min ago — A quick snap kicking off my ESP8266/MQTT workshop at https://t.co/675WgwyJEW
7 months 3 hours ago — A massive thanks also to the core team https://t.co/0Zn1wys6OW
7 months 3 hours ago — The most awesome volunteers, thanks for your tireless efforts! https://t.co/mYUX8ACikW
7 months 3 hours ago — just tipped $28K in donations to support 3 internships for non-men in Linux https://t.co/UccOAFFbDj
7 months 4 hours ago — And the venue for is... https://t.co/nT3hcEa0qf