Artika CWWW LED Home Assistant Integration

I picked up an Artika ceiling light on clearance at Costco.

Its formatted as a giant oyster light, and internally, has a smart power supply with an IR receiver, and (electrically) a pair of LED strips, one with warm white emitters and one with cool white emitters.

The power supply isn't that smart, there is no network connectivity, only IR. To make it smarter, I buzzed out the microcontroller to identify where the pins went, with the intent to replace it with an ESP32 running ESPHome. 

Dahua VTH escapades

I would like to use the Dahua Home Assistant Integration to pull the intercom in an apartment into the home automation. Unfortunately, the credentials in the intercom UI are starred out.

Attempt 1 - MicroSD card

Inside the unit is a microsd card. Unfortunately, there is nothing on it, presumably it is for storing image snapshots. There does not seem to be a way in the UI to back up the settings to the SD card Either.


Bricked Netgear M5300 switch via "Erase Permanent Storage"

I managed to brick one of my Netgear M5300 switches while trying to factory reset it, by selecting "Erase permanent storage" from the boot menu. At this point, it displays 'Uboot M5300 VerNo=' on the console and does not progress further.

To recover, get a FAT32 formatted USB drive, and save the firmware as 'boot.stk' on it.

Insert the drive into the switch, connect to the serial console and power up the switch.

Interrupt Uboot by pressing Q. You should get a '=>' prompt.

120mm Fan to 125mm/6" duct adapter

This is a 3d printed fan shroud that I designed and 3d printed myself. It is made from durable ABS plastic, and allows you to connect a 125mm flexible duct to your miner's exhaust, allowing you to vent the hot air directly outside (or in winter, into your air conditioning ducts).

The mount features a negative taper, such that pulling on the duct increases the clamping force.

You will need 4 50mm M4 machine screws, and a 125mm diameter screw clamp to fasten the ducting on.

Colour will depend on available material, but will normally be either grey or black.

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