Ongoing projects

Shrinking mbed binaries

I'm currently working on a 1wire library for mbed, so that 1wire devices can be implemented on mbed compatible microcontrollers (really, just STM32 for now).

One of the things that would be really useful is to be able to update the firmware of these devices over the 1wire bus, so that they don't need to be decomissioned for updates.

Breadboard Helper

With the growing amount of microcontroller work I do, I need a quick, easy way to prototype my projects. With this in mind, I came up with the following 40 pin module, which provides +3.3V & +5V regulated power, as well as 10 pushbuttons and 20 LEDs.

Power can be sourced either from a DC power supply (>7V), or from an ATX connector (note that components for both should not be installed simultaneously on the board - I don't think many ATX PSUs will take to having their low voltage outputs connected to their +12V output!).


Orbit CD Duplicator Rebuild

I completed this project a while ago, but I thought I'd better write it up anyway.

A few years ago, I bought a CD duplicator cheaply at an auction, with the intent of upgrading it to a DVD drive. Since then, it had been collecting dust, until I got motivated enough to do something about it.

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