Creating a Fedora 23 base Docker Image for Power PC

Docker is a great way to fully describe and implement an installed Linux environment, and we make use of it at work as part of our continuous integration system to provide a clean environment for the jobs that we run.Unfortunately, the main public repo ( currently only contains images for x64, so if you want a different architecture, you may need to build it yourself.

In this situation, I required a Fedora 23 image on Power PC. I started with a working Fedora 23 in PowerKVM.

The problems I had to address:

Network Booting Fedora 8 (NFSROOT)

OK, here is how I went about network booting Fedora 8. I'll be booting my machine from a Solaris box, but any reasonable NFS server should do.

First, fire up VMWare, and do a basic install of Fedora 8. You can choose whatever packages you want (I suggest a minimal install plus "Software Development", since you can add extra stuff later). We will be using this machine to give us a tarball of the Fedora root filesystem, plus a platform to build the initrd.

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