Hall of Shame - Internet Unsaavy Companies


I'm annoyed. Bankwest have charged me an arrears fee as they misread a faxed direct debit form. Why was it faxed? It was faxed because they do not allow you to submit forms electronically on their website, nor via email. From now on, every time I deal with a company that is big enough to know better, I'm going to list them on here.


Tevion/Medion 42" LCD MD30162 Overscan Issues

A couple of weeks ago, Aldi had a 42" LCD for AUD$1500. Its quite a good deal, image quality is quite good, compared to other sets in that price range. Sure, it only has an analogue tuner, with lots of ghosting (on a signal that our older LG CRT displayed perfectly), but who cares, for $1.5k, you get a screen thats perfect for hooking up to a media centre machine, tuner be damned.